Where does a good story idea come from—head or heart? What do we need to consider when telling stories in a digital environment? Is artificial intelligence going to change the future of creativity?

Volume 3 looks into the origin of language, ideas, stories, and images.

Instinct Versus Data

by Greg Rienzi

Illustration by Klaus Kremmerz

Yesterday, Today, Tomorrow

By Charles Hively

Illustrations By Q. Cassetti

Prompt: Create Artwork

By Sarah Sampson and ChatGPT

The Secret Sauce of Language

By Michelle Lansing

figure standing at the bottom of a mountain looking up at an escalator that never ends

In Interest of Experience

By Brian Stauffer

Make It Compelling

By Laura J. Cole

Illustration by Kaylee Sterns

The Courage to Be Heard

A conversation with Terry Flannery

Portrait by Noah Willman