Word and image, brand and magazine, print and digital—the connected world of storytelling

The Issue takes a look at multiple stories related to a guiding theme that plays a role in publishing. In this first issue we look at intersections: What is the role of an alumni magazine in a reader’s world? How does an institution’s identity and brand influence the direction of the magazine? How can we learn from independent publishers creating some of the most interesting magazines of our time? How did a successful portrait photographer survive the pandemic?

We explore these topics to consider our role as storytellers, inspire us to push boundaries, and continue to elevate the world of alumni publishing.

Alumni Magazines Matter

by Catherine O’Neill Grace

Illustration by Brian Stauffer

What is a Magazine

A Conversation with Jeremy Leslie, magCulture

Amplifying the Institution’s Mission

by Chris St.Cyr & Kelly McMurray

Photograph by Jared Leeds

10 Things to Consider When Commissioning Original Artwork

Illustrated by Aaron Meshon

Building an Image

by Dana Smith

Thinking Beyond Print

by Kelly McMurray

20 Mind-Expanding Sights Across the U.S.

by Laura J. Cole

The Journey of a Story

Animation by Jackson St.Cyr